Probiotic Cleaning

What is it and why is it important?

Probiotic cleaning is changing the face of the cleaning industry. We’re moving away from harmful cleaning products towards safer, healthier, and more sustainable products that benefit people and the environment. My pledge is to get the cleaning industry to move toward making the world a cleaner, safer, healthier place to live in – both now and in generations to come!

What Does Probiotic Cleaning Mean?

You might be familiar with the Yakult yoghurt adverts telling us how some bacteria are good for our gut. Probiotic cleaning products follow exactly the same principle – They’re good for the surfaces that you apply them to. Rather than passively killing the bacteria on surfaces with toxic chemicals, probiotics harness the power of good bacteria to eliminate and control the growth of the type that harm us. 

Probiotic cleaning is the use of eco-friendly fermented bacteria combined with essential oils that collectively create compounds known as bio–detergents

Every time you use a probiotic cleaning product on a surface it releases billions of beneficial microbes that get to work gobbling up the harmful bacteria. Once applied they can remain active on the surface for up to 28 days. Studies have shown that regular application in fact makes the environment for bad bacteria inhospitable – so not only does it destroy the bacteria it also makes it less likely to propagate in the days after application. Think of probiotics as your own little army of helpers that continue to fight and protect you, long after they have been deployed!

Do Probiotics in Cleaning Really Work?

The short answer is, yes they do – and they’re extremely effective.

In fact, a 2016 study tested the use of probiotic cleaners in hospitals. It was found that they reduced the occurrence of drug-resistant bacteria. Another study in 2018 found that probiotic cleaning works in limiting the growth of dangerous bacteria.

Considering that each year 700,000 people are killed by drug-resistant infections, possibly reaching 10 million by 2050, it is a revelation a simple change to how we use cleaning products in public places may be part of the answer.

What Are Probiotic Cleaning Solutions?

Probiotic cleaning solutions is a novel approach to cleaning that uses beneficial bacteria to colonise surfaces and compete with the bad bacteria. This means they can help to reduce the presence of harmful bacteria on all types of surfaces – from office desks and kitchen appliances to all other high touch-point areas that could cause illness of staff.

6 Reasons to Use Probiotic Cleaning Solutions.


  1. Easy and Safe – Unlike traditional chemical products, Probiotic cleaning solutions are easy and safe to use for your staff and work environment. They work naturally to break down dirt, grease and grime.
  2. Good For The Earth: Because Probiotic cleaners are 100% organic, they are not harmful to the environment – in fact, they are good for it! They create healthy indoor ecosystems.
  3.  Cost-Effective: Probiotic cleaning products are better value for money. You use less product and save on time and labour costs too.
  4. Clean For Longer: The good bacteria in probiotic cleaning products colonise the surface and continue to clean for up to 28 days!
  5. Ethical: switching to probiotic cleaning means you are doing your bit for the environment, promoting ethical practices and protecting your employees. If your company is looking to hit some environmental targets, then switching to Probiotics is a no-brainer.
  6. No C02: Unlike petro-chemical cleaning products, Probiotics don’t use large-scale industrial processes to manufacture and package the end product. This means no C02 emissions and no harmful by-products.

Support a Cleaner Future with Probiotics

Probiotic cleaning solutions aim to meet the demand for green cleaning services by creating a culture of sustainability in the cleaning industry. The rationale behind the use of probiotics is straightforward. Traditional sprays and devices indiscriminately kill all bacteria, both harmful and beneficial—causing an imbalanced, sterile environment that could increase the risk of pathogens’ evolving resistance. In contrast, probiotics offer a natural, chemical-free and environmentally friendly solution to combating Sick Building Syndrome. Probiotics consume contaminant waste such as dust mite faecal matter, pollen, dead skin cells, and pet dander while maintaining the balance of essential bacteria in the environments where people work, additionally reducing bad odours caused by bacteria and mould.

Given the research done on probiotics, there appears to be ample potential for it to be used as an effective class of cleaning and replenishment tools in commercial workplaces. The end result of the workplace includes cleaner workspaces but also more productive employees. 

So What’s Next?

With the focus on health and changing cleaning habits in the wake of COVID19 – let’s embrace a change towards a healthier future of cleaning while caring for the Environment. Now is the time for businesses to invest in programs that reduce the presence of harmful microorganisms while protecting the health of their staff.

As we emerge post-lockdown and businesses begin to re-open – emphasis will be on creating and maintaining safe indoor environments, and more than ever we should be looking at sustainable methods of doing so. Probiotic cleaning is the answer!