Probiotic Cleaning

What is it and why is it important?

Probiotic cleaning is changing the face of the cleaning industry. We’re moving away from harmful cleaning products towards safer, healthier, and more sustainable products and benefit people and the environment. My pledge is to get the cleaning industry to move toward making the world a cleaner, safer and better place to live in!

How Does Probiotic Cleaning Work?

You might be familiar with the Yakult yogurt adverts telling us how bacteria are good for our gut. Probiotics follow exactly the same principle. They’re good for the surfaces that you apply them to. Rather than passively killing the bacteria on surfaces with chemicals, probiotics are alive and literally eat the dirt and grime that harmful bacteria and viruses thrive on. That application of probiotics in turn makes it very difficult for the harmful bacteria to survive.

Every time you spray a probiotic cleaning product on a surface it releases billions of beneficial bacteria that get to work on the surface – gobbling up the harmful bacteria. Once applied they can remain active on the surface for up to 3 days. Studies have shown that regular application in fact makes the environment for bad bacteria inhospitable – so not only does it destroy the bacteria it also makes it less likely to propagate in the days after application.

Probiotic cleaners use beneficial bacteria to colonise surfaces and compete with the bad bacteria. They in effect take over the area in which the bad bacteria is present. By dominating the space of harmful bacteria they reduce its presence on high-touch point areas where bacteria clusters – desks, kettles, kitchen surfaces, fridges, and other surfaces where germs can cause illness.

Probiotic Cleaning Products

Probiotic cleaning is the use of fermented bacteria combined with essential oils that collectively create compounds known as biodetergents. These bio-detergents do two important things: 

  1. They’re Good for Us – They work naturally to break down dirt, grease and grime without harming us
  2. They more effective – Unlike standard cleaning products they use good bacteria to dominate the space that bad bacteria and viruses thrive with long-lasting effects. In fact, probiotics remain alive and will continue to clean for 72 hours after application. They remove odours, move through air and surfaces and clean allergens, dirt and dirt. 

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